Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis CBE ( born June 1, 1947 in Woking, England ) is a British entrepreneur and former Motorsport Manager. Since 1981 he has been co-owner of Formula 1 racing team McLaren, to 2009, he was also the team principal.


Dennis then organized the 1974 Formula 2 using two Ecuadorian racer, who were supported by Philip Morris and Marlboro. The team was called Ortega Ecuador Marlboro Team and appeared alongside Formula 2 and the 24- hour race at Le Mans. Dennis kept the two drivers for hopeless, but nevertheless agreed to the project ready, because the benefits of Marlboro were so high that he could make enough reserves to again in 1975 to start their own team. The new team was called Project Three Racing and entered 1975 with three cars in Formula 2. It was established in Dennis' home town of Woking and had three March 752 racing car, which were used primarily for Italian pilots. Vittorio Brambilla brought the team a victory; the other drivers were less successful. In 1976, Dennis the Project Four Racing Team, which regularly in Formula 2 was launched until 1980. End of the 1970s Project Four completed on behalf of BMW about 30 vehicles of the BMW M1, which were intended for the Procar Series. The revenue from this order allowed the team to plan for 1981 to move up to Formula 1.

However, an independent Formula 1 appearance did not materialize. Instead merged Project Four in 1980 the fall of 1980 with the Formula 1 racing team McLaren, which was supported by Marlboro. After the merger the team McLaren International said. Later, the company was renamed McLaren Group and divided into several areas, including today's Formula 1 racing team McLaren Racing. This won seven constructors ' and drivers' world championship title ten under the leadership of Ron Dennis.

1994 Dennis threaded one, a 15 -year-long partnership with the automobile manufacturer, Mercedes- Benz, who served first as an engine supplier of the racing team, but later also acquired shares in the McLaren Group and a technology transfer enabled. At the height of this partnership, the Finn Mika Häkkinen in 1998 and 1999 World Champion for the Anglo- German alliance, 1998, the team also won the Constructors' title. On March 1, 2009 Dennis stepped down from the post of team manager and handed the team leadership to his successor, Martin Whitmarsh, who had already acted as Managing Director for the team. Ron Dennis confirmed, contrary to other reports that he made ​​this decision solely responsible like 100 percent. Regardless of his resignation remains Dennis co-owner of the team and thus retains influence on important decisions.

On its activities for the Formula 1 team out Dennis was also in 1989 co-founder of McLaren Automotive, another part of the McLaren Group, whose chairman, he is to this day. McLaren Automotive produced the McLaren F1, a revolutionary F1 road sports car, and has co-developed with Daimler Chrysler Mercedes -Benz SLR McLaren sports car, which was presented in 2003.


Dennis lived until 2008, when he and his wife after 22 years of marriage, the divorce announced, with her and their three children in Surrey in southern England.


2004 Dennis was taken for his services to the British motor sport as "Commander" in the Order of Knights Order of the British Empire. In 2001 he received the Gold Medal of the British racing driver clubs BRDC. Dennis also an honorary doctorate from De Montfort University ( 1996), City University London (1997) and the University of Surrey (2000) was awarded. 2009 Dennis received at the Sport Industry Awards, an award for his life's work and his success in Formula 1