Ron Ramsey

Ronald Lynn "Ron" Ramsey ( born November 20, 1955) is an American politician of the Republican Party since 2007 and the first Republican Lieutenant Governor of the State of Tennessee.


After visiting the Sullivan Central High School in Blountville he began in 1973 to study as an industrial technologist at East Tennessee State University ( ETSU ) and graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science (BS Industrial Technology ) from. In 1990 he founded with Ron Ramsey and Associates his own company and has since been admitted as a broker and auctioneer.

In addition, he began a career in politics and represented the first Republican in the House of Representatives from Tennessee. He was first elected to the 2nd District in the Senate of Tennessee in 1996 and belongs to this ever since. 2007 Ramsey became the first Republican since the state constitution of 1870 Lieutenant Governor (Lieutenant Governor ) of Tennessee. As such, he is at the same time Speaker of the Senate ( Speaker of the Senate ).

On 28 February 2009, he announced his candidacy for the Republican in the gubernatorial election in 2010. In the area code (Primary) his party on August 5, 2010, however he only received 22.1 of the vote and finished third in the Republican candidate field. He was defeated so that the chosen Governor of Tennessee on November 2, 2010 previous mayor of Knoxville, Bill Haslam, who received 47.3 percent of the vote in the primaries. Runner-up in the Republican Primary was Congressman Zach Wamp, who received 29.2 percent of the vote.

In the nomination campaign Ramsey, who was supported by the Tea Party movement made ​​, attention to himself, when he said in a campaign speech that Muslims can not rely on the results from the First Amendment rights because it is when Islam is not a religion, but rather be a cult would. He also said that a riot to prevent a mosque was understandable, since the shari'a " scary " was.