Ronan Keating

Ronan Patrick John Keating [ ɹəʊnən pætɹɪk dʒɒn ki ː tɪŋ ] ( born March 3, 1977 in Dublin) is an Irish singer.


1993 Keating began his career as a pop singer in the boy band Boyzone. The band was with several number - one hits and four very successful albums.

In 1997, he hosted along with Carrie Crowley 42nd Euro Vision Song Contest in Dublin.

1999 Keating was also co- manager of the band Westlife. He then launched a very successful solo career.

As part of the Live 8 concerts Keating played on 6 July 2005 at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh ( Scotland).

Keating composed and wrote the lyrics for the Denmark's contribution to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow.

Since 2010 he has been a jury member in the Australian edition of the show X Factor.

2012 Keating announced his comeback with their new single Fires. The eponymous album was released in the same year.


Keating was born as the youngest of five siblings of a family of Irish middle class. His father Gerry was a pub, his mother Marie worked as a hairdresser.

Died in 1998 Keating's mother from breast cancer. For better prevention and education about the disease, the family, the Marie Keating Foundation has established.

April 30, 1998 Keating married model Yvonne Connolly the Irish. Together they have three children. On 20 May 2010 Ronan and Yvonne Keating announced announced their separation after Keating had cheated on his wife with his background dancer. A few weeks later Yvonne forgave her husband's infidelity and gave their marriage a second chance. Both have moved with the children to a new house.

Although she subsequently for 2 years trying to work on their problems, their marriage was no longer save. In April 2012, Yvonne and Ronan Keating gave the final failure of her marriage known and separated after 14 years together.

Social Commitment

For social commitment by Ronan Keating his support of the German Cancer Aid part in the fight against cancer. On the website of the organization advertises the singer for cancer prevention and cancer prevention: . " Go regular health and healthy living " Keating is also participant or initiator of charity actions.


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