A Rookie (English: " novice, beginner, newbie" ) is an inexperienced in professional sports athletes. The term is used (basketball, ice hockey, American football, baseball, soccer) in U.S. sports. There are hopeful and talented players from college or high school in the cadres of the National Basketball Association (NBA ), National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Soccer teams ( MLS) was added ( drafted ) in which they are pursuing their first professional season as a rookie.

At the end of the season is the best " newcomer " award as Rookie of the Year. In the NBA, even the ten best rookies this season to play in the Rookie Challenge, which takes place as part of the NBA All- Star Games, against the ten best sophomores (player in the second professional year).

The term rookie found not only in the USA use and not exclusively in the above- mentioned sports, but also for example in the Canadian lacrosse, paintball or snowboarding. Also, the term is used rookie in Formula 1 and MotoGP. Even with the modellers, especially in the Jetfliegern with kerosene turbine, beginners are referred to as.

The term is also used in the North American police and is also reflected in the title as the Canadian series Rookie Blue.

Use is the word rookie, under the same meaning as mentioned above ( " novice, beginner, newbie" ), also in the German hip -hop and rap scene. First of all artists here this scene relate to young artists who present their music to the public on the Internet and without a contract. Examples of such use of the word are, for example, Olson Rough and formerly also the rapper Vega, who uses the term rookie in his tracks himself. Example of this would be " No more solemn " (feat. Kid Cobra ): "Children Rookies ".