Rootes Australia

Rootes Australia was the Australian branch of the Rootes Group, a British car manufacturer.

The company was founded just after the Second World War and imported and distributed initially vehicles from the United Kingdom. 1946 Rootes Australia began with the installation of the Hillman Minx in Port Melbourne ( Victoria). This was the first British production of automobiles in Australia. In 1954 the company had reached a share of 5.4 % in the Australian automotive market and announced the establishment of additional production lines. Therefore, you bought a 35 -hectare estate in Harris Field in Dandenong (Victoria ), but the planned work was never built.

Hillman, Humber and Singer models were fitted for several years and successfully sold the company also built cars that were assembled from parts of all three brands. Mid -1960s, however, the Rootes group arrived in Australia as well as in the United Kingdom. Due to falling sales and an increasingly outmoded model range in difficulty In December 1965, merged with the Rootes Australia Chrysler Australia Ltd.. and assembly facilities were gradually transferred from Port Melbourne to the Chrysler site in Adelaide. Chrysler dropped the Humber brand phased out quickly, but there were new Hillman Hunter and Arrow models introduced. 1973 Chrysler was also the production of the Hillman models.

Model range

Important models of Rootes Australia were: