Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort

43.64644740.332206Koordinaten: 43 ° 39 ' N, 40 ° 20' O

Pink Chutor (Russian Роза Хутор; engl transcribed Roza Khutor. ) Is a ski resort in the West Caucasus with the for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi -scale departure routes, the premiere of which took place at the Alpine Skiing World Cup on 11 February 2012.


The Swiss Bernhard Russi is considered the architect of the new World Cup downhill in Krasnaya Polyana. The start is at 2045 m, the target at 970 m. The altitude difference 1075 m there resulting a descent length of 3495 m. The top speed is over 130 km / h The best time of the Swiss Beat Feuz of 2:14:10 min from the first World Cup Downhill 2012 has previously been undercut in the training of the Austrian Hannes Reichelt with 2:12:91 min.

Bernhard Russi describes his route on Swiss television as follows: "The track begins with a relatively steep start section that but then goes immediately into a curvy, central part terrain. Then follows a more attractive especially for the spectators section with a steep couloir called, Accola Valley '. The jumps, Russian Trampoline ',' Bears Brow ',' Lake Jump 'and' Deer Jump ' are the highlights of the track and let the drivers sometimes fly up to 70 meters. The route is quite long and goes into the legs. Mainly because it requires the driver continuously. "

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