Rosbach (Nidda)


The Rosbach is a creek in the state of Hesse, Germany.

The Rosbach rises on the northern outskirts of Rosbach am Taunus. The source is no longer just make out through the development of the district Upper Rosbach, but at a leisure center there is a small pond, which certainly feeds the creek. From here, the creek running in pipes to the eastern edge of the upper Rosbach. From the B455 the creek flows freely.

Here flows the brook down. This stream rises in the crater-like valley at the stone head. He carries more water and is longer than the Rosbach, yet the Rosbach has retained its name. When it rains, the water is often spoiled since the headwaters are some former quartzite quarries.

Now the stream reach the hamlet of Lower -Rosbach, where he fed the moat of Wasserburg. Here are other ponds that contribute high duck populations negatively on water quality. After leaving the city Rosbach follows a sewage treatment plant. The stream now flows in a small depression of the Wetterau to Upper Wöllstadt. From here is called the Bach Gänsbach. A small grove passing through the flowing stream low - Wöllstadt. Here it flows to the laughter ditch from the right side. As Aubach it opens after a shorter route then in the Nidda.