Rose Bowl Stadium

  • Football team from the University of California, Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Galaxy (1996-2003)

The Rose Bowl is a traditional stadium in Pasadena in Los Angeles County. It was five times the venue of the Super Bowl, the final game of the National Football League ( NFL) and venue during the Football World Cup 1994 including the final. In addition, found in the Rose Bowl every year on January 1 in the Rose Bowl Game college football instead.


The architect Myron Hunt was inspired by the Yale Bowl in New Haven for the construction of this stadium in 1921. Official opening was on 1 January 1923, when there clashed college football teams Penn State and USC ( University of Southern California). Originally, the stadium was built in a horseshoe shape, but over the following years it was expanded to its present form. The southern stands were completed in 1928, so that the stadium was closed at all ends. Currently, the stadium has 92,542 spectator seats and is classified as a National Historic Landmark.

In the U.S. it is mainly known because here every year is being fought in College Football to the famous Rose Bowl Trophy. This game is called because of its tradition by many Americans as " The Grand Daddy Of Them All". Since 1982, the stadium is the home field for the football team at UCLA. The same was true for the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer, who played here from its foundation in 1996 until 2003, when they moved into the Home Depot Center, a pure football stadium.

However, the "Rose Bowl" was even the venue for many other major sporting events. So, for example, found here 1984 some matches of the Olympic football tournament at the Summer Olympics held in 1984.

Super Bowls

Only five times this was the Super Bowl, the final of the Professional League National Football League ( NFL) discharged:

World Cup

During the Football World Cup 1994 here found eight games, including the final, instead of:

  • Colombia - Romania 1:3 (Group A)
  • Cameroon - Sweden 2:2 (group B)
  • USA - Colombia 2-1 (Group A)
  • USA - Romania 0:1 ( Group A )
  • Romania - Argentina 3:2 ( second round )
  • Brazil - Sweden 1-0 ( semifinals )
  • Sweden - Bulgaria 4:0 ( 3rd place match )
  • Brazil - Italy 0:0 N.V., 3-2 IU (Finale )

Also during the FIFA Women's World Cup 1999, here are some games, including the finale, discharged. Thus, the "Rose Bowl" is unique in the sense that it is the only stadium is next to the Rasunda Stadium in Solna, that both a Football World Cup final of the men 's and women has aligned. Interestingly, it was in both games even after the extension still 0-0, so that both games had to be decided on penalties. The final of the Women's World Championship in 1999 with 90 185 spectators record holder at events in a woman's sport.


The Rose Bowl Stadium was repeatedly used for concerts of different bands. So ended the British pop group Depeche Mode on June 18, 1988 with their "Music for the Masses " world tour with a performance in front of over 60,000 fans at the Rose Bowl. The recording of the concert was (all titled 101) released as a double live album and VHS and DVD. In October 2009, the Irish rock band U2 played in sold-out Rose Bowl. The concert was recorded in June 2010 and on DVD and Blu- Ray titled U2 - 360 ° At The Rose published Bowl.

Current Situation

Like many other very focused on football stadiums in the United States that are still in public hands, the stadium generates losses year after year. Thus, for the stadium is not much money available, so that at the stadium no improvements (eg installation of new seats, introduction of a new video wall, installation of new floodlights, installation of boxes or creating a larger number of outputs) can be made that could transform it into a modern arena. The cost of this subject between 250 and 300 million U.S. dollars. However, the future of the stadium is still ensured since the Rose Bowl Tournament at least until 2019 takes place here and the football team plays UCLA at least to 2023 here.