Rose of Lima

Rose of Lima ( born April 20, 1586 Lima, Peru, † August 24, 1617 ibid ) was a virgin, mystic and Dominican Terziarin. She is worshiped in the Roman Catholic Church as a saint. Your feast day is August 23.


Rose of Lima whose real name Isabel Flores de Oliva. Her parents were Gaspar Flores and María de Oliva. As a child she had a desire to live a consecrated life and in the Holy. Catherine of Siena follow. Therefore, they came with twenty years in the Third Order of the Dominicans, and took the religious name Rosa a Santa Maria. As a consecrated virgin and Reklusin they went to live in a hut near the house of her parents, where she led a life of penance. With Weber and gardening works she earned their keep.

Rosa was involved in the founding of the first contemplative monastery in South America but only in 1623, after her death, could be built.

Quick after her death sat first in Lima and later in Peru and finally across Latin America their worship as a saint. 1671 she was canonized by Pope Clement X, and thus became the first saint of America.

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Your feast day is August 23.

Pink is patroness of Lima, Peru, South America, the West Indies and the Philippines, as well as the gardener and florist. You will be called in case of injuries, childbirth and family disputes and against rash.


The attributes of Santa Rosa are a bunch of roses or a wreath of roses.