Rose of Viterbo

Rose of Viterbo ( * 1233 in Viterbo, Italy, † March 6, 1252 in Viterbo) was a consecrated virgin and mystic.


Rosa was born as a child of poor parents in 1233 in Viterbo. She had an early age first mystical experiences, lived in strict asceticism and imposed severe penances on himself. 1250 Pink Terziarin was in the Third Order of St. Francis and quickly gained notoriety as an intimate proclaimer of the Gospel. When it came II to a dispute between Pope Innocent IV and Frederick, Rosa decided to put the Pope's side and looked on the inhabitants of Viterbo one, do the same. As a result, she had with her family for a short time Viterbo leave, but could return after the death of Frederick II. Rosa asked several times for admission to the local Poor Clare Monastery, but was turned down because of their poverty.

Rosa died at the age of 18 on March 6, 1252. Few years later, her incorrupt body was transferred to the Church of the Poor Clares, where in a reliquary he rests to this day made ​​of glass and is revered by many pilgrims. Rose of Viterbo was admitted into the Roman Martyrology, although the process of canonization was never completed.


Rose of Viterbo is the patron saint of Catholic girls in Italy.


Viterbo commemorates its patron saint each year with a big town festival on September 4, at the colorful procession in a large statue of the saint is carried through the streets.


In and around Viterbo, there are numerous pictures of St. Pink, mostly in the habit of the third order with a wreath of roses on her head.