Rosemarie Ackermann

Rosemarie Ackermann born Witschas ( born April 4, 1952 in Lohsa ) is a former German high jumper; she skipped the first woman to the height of 2 meters. For the GDR, she won at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, the gold medal.


Ackermann in 1972 under her birth name Witschas first time at the Summer Olympic Games in Munich in part, finishing in seventh place.

At the European Championships 1974 in Rome she won her first international title. With the victories height of 1.95 m, it improved the two-year old world record of the Bulgarian Jordanka Blagoewa by one centimeter.

The biggest success of her career, she reached in 1976. Ahead of Olympics Ackermann improved on 3 July 1976 world record to 1.96 m. In Olympic competition, she sat down with skipped 1.93 m against the Italian Sara Simeoni and Jordanka Blagoewa by and became Olympic champion.

Ackermann succeeded twice more to improve the world record. On August 14, 1977, she jumped in Helsinki 1.97 m, two weeks later, on August 26, 1977, she succeeded in Berlin ISTAF as the first high jumper in the world to skip the height of 2.00 m. She was thus the last major interpreter of the straddle high jump technique. In the same year she was in the GDR Athlete of the Year, chosen an annual reader survey of the daily newspaper of the FDJ " Young World " as well as to Europe's Sportswoman of the Year.

Your title as European Champion in 1978 she lost to Sara Simeoni. Ackermann had initially as Simeoni skipped the new world record height of 2.01 m. As they cheered but the mat touched one of the two stand and the bar was still and she had skipped with 1.99 m content with second place.

Ackermann ended her active career in 1980 after the Olympic Summer Games in Moscow, where they had reached a fourth.

Andrea Reichstein and Rosemarie Ackermann 1980

Rosemarie Ackermann was a member of the SC Cottbus. At a height of 1.75 m, they had a competition weight of 59 kg. In the becoming public knowledge after the fall of documents to the state doping in the GDR was found in the doped athletes also the name of Ackermann.

Rosemarie Ackermann has been married since 1974 in Cottbus with the former DDR - Oberliga handball player Manfred Ackermann and has two sons. She works at the job center in Cottbus.

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