Rosenow is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located northwest of Neubrandenburg and belongs to the Office Stavenhagen, which has its administrative headquarters in Stavenhagen.

Geography and transport

Rosenow is located about twelve kilometers south-east of Stavenhagen and about 20 kilometers northwest of Neubrandenburg. Federal highway 104 and the railway line Neubrandenburg Rostock lead by the community.


  • Karlshof
  • Luplow
  • Rosenow
  • Schwandt
  • Tarnow
  • Voßfeld


Rosenow: The town was first mentioned in 1283. The ending- ow indicates a former Slavic settlement and could from the old Slavic ruža, " Rosenort " or "place of Rozena " be derived.

The site has been completely changed by major developments in the 1930s and in the 1960s. Older buildings of the former Gutsdorfes are built in the years 1849-1851 Church and some older cottages and farms.

Tarnow: From the village was already in 1273 a church mentioned. In the Thirty Years' War, the village was destroyed and was desolate. In 1703, 34 penitents were counted. Worth seeing are the large elongated stable building on the village street and the small octagonal timber-framed church with the cemetery.

Schwandt: The village was also first mentioned in 1273, was destroyed in the Thirty Years' War and was long uninhabited. Later it developed into an estate village near the lake Schwandter. Worth seeing are the almost completely preserved Kate line and the restored village church from the mid-18th century.

Luplow: The district was first documented in 1282. Luplow has a derived from the medieval motte. Worth seeing are the symmetric -scale farm and Kate line along the village street. In the former manor house is a practice and meeting place for regional biomass utilization.

Voßfeld and Karlshof: The districts were originally outworks of the adjacent material in Luplow.

Coat of arms

Designed by Thorsten Schulz coat of arms was approved on February 5, 2013 by the Ministry of Interior and registered under No. 344 of the coat of arms role of the state Mecklenburg -Vorpommern.

Blazon: Under blue shield head, in a border silver fox, gold in a gold guardant crowned black bull head with closed mouth, knocked- red tongue and silver horns, including six touching goldbesamte red roses with green sepals semicircular.


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  • Church in Gothic style in Rosenow from 1753 with a few remains from the 13th century.
  • Church in Luplow
  • Church in Schwandt
  • Half-timbered church with belfry in Tarnow from the 18th century

Church in Rosenow

Church in Schwandt

Church in Tarnow