Rosmalen railway station

  • Tilburg -Nijmegen


The Rosmalen station is the station of the Dutch town of Rosmalen, which is a district of the city of 's- Hertogenbosch. The station is one of three railway stations in 's- Hertogenbosch. He is after the station 's- Hertogenbosch in the center, a day with about 2500 passengers, outside the station ' s- Hertogenbosch- Oost, the second busiest station in the city.


The station was opened on 4 June 1881 the railway line Tilburg -Nijmegen. 1938, the station was officially closed, the platforms were still up in 1972 by freight trains, for loading and unloading, used. Its present appearance of the station in 1981. Since reversed at the station only a half-hour regional. The station is served by three bus lines that go under other by Veghel.

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