Rospigliani ( Corsican: Ruspigliani ) is a commune with 86 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011), which is located in the Haute- Corse and in the region of Corsica. It belongs to the district Corte and Canton Vezzani. The area around Rospigliani is known for the Corsican black pine and is often visited because of the many small winding streets of motorcyclists.


Rospigliani lies at an altitude 238-1450 m, the place itself is located at about 655 m. The municipal area comprises a total of 982 hectares ( 9.82 km ²). The town lies on the north west slopes of the Col d' Erbajo, which reaches a height of 1250 m. To the road network of the city from the north via Noceta is served by the Department of Roads D43/D143. To the south you can reach the capital of the canton, Vezzani.


Among the interesting buildings include the parish church of St. Martin. This is of medieval origin and was redesigned and rebuilt in recent years.