The Roßtrappe is a 403 meter high granite rock in the resin.


The Roßtrappe rises high above the Bode Valley in the resin. It is of Thale, Treseburg or Wienrode on a driveway to reach on foot or by Thale, with a chairlift. On the rock is located since the mid-19th century, the eponymous mountain hotel with a panoramic terrace. Near the hotel is the end of the chairlift.

Nearby is also the Winzenburg, one used since the Neolithic period, 25 -acre refuge fort with about 500 meters long rampart of boulders and embankment. 1860 there also the Winzenburg tower was built as a lookout, which is no longer accessible today.

From the Roßtrappe a view opens up on the rocks of the witches dancing, the " Stone Church," in the Bode Valley and the Harz mountains with the town of Thale, as well as to the Brocken.

View from the Roßtrappe the Bode Valley

The Roßtrappemassiv


From the Roßtrappe you can via the chute, stay invested in a serpentine path, the Bode Valley. Due to rock falls, the chute is still sometimes locked. As Rise of the Präsidentenweg is recommended with a length of approximately 4 kilometers. The Roßtrappe is included as # 71 in the system of stamp locations of the Harz hiking pin.


Since 1980, a purpose-built by the Czech company Transporta Chrudim 559 meter long single chair of Thale in four minutes on the rock faces of the Roßtrappe. The base station was located on 209 meters. 2005, the old chairlift was replaced by the construction of a new double chairlift. The number of columns is decreased from eight to 13, increases the strength, however, cable 28 millimeters to 32 millimeters. It is driven by a 110 kW engine in the 177 meters located on the base terminal, the / transported the 50 gondolas with a speed of 1.5 m s. The 668 meter long chair lift overcomes a difference in altitude of 244 meters and can carry up to 400 passengers per hour. The hill station is situated at 421 meters about 500 meters north of the prospect rock.


The jump to legend, once persecuted the giant Bodo the beautiful princess Brunhilde, he wanted to marry against their will. Brunhilde fled on a white horse, but did suddenly in front of her, a deep abyss. She sat on a bold leap to the otherworldly rocks, where she lost her crown that sank in the raging river. However, your followers plunged into the depths and was turned into a dog that has since been guarding the crown of the princess. The impression of the hoof of the horse can still be seen today. The giant Bodo gave the river the name Bode.

According to one theory, it could be the rock to weathering impression remains of a victim Germanic Basin.