Rostock Matrikelportal

In Rostock Matrikelportal almost 98,000 persons certificates of matriculation at the University of Rostock is made available. Core of the portal databases of enrollments for the periods 1419-1831, 1831-1933 and 1933-1945 as well as the entries in the Office of the Dean of Faculties Books ( graduations, receptions) 1419-1831. In addition, digital images of the original parish registers are presented with some handwritten inscriptions of the students. User comments allow an addition to the often very scarce information. The origins of the male and female students are displayed on an interactive map. Links lead to working in the semester of enrollment professors ( Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium ) and the lectures offered. About the GND number single known male and female students are identified and linked to other information resources on the Internet.