Rotax 503

The Rotax 503 is one of a number of small piston engines for aerospace applications. It is manufactured and sold by the Austrian manufacturer Rotax.

It is equipped with a fan 2 - cylinder two-stroke engine, which is suitable for a train as well as compressed air screw. On the forced cooling by the fan can be dispensed with if the motor drives a lag screw and secure air ducts and baffles the cooling through the ram air. The engine is approved for experimental and UL aircraft. It has a double electric ignition system and can (UL -2V model 503) carburetors are supplied with one ( Model 503 UL -1V ) or two. In addition, various speed ratios are available for the reduction gear.

As more equipment options are electric starter, alternator and muffler to choose from.


  • Propeller engine
  • Line engine (aviation )