Rotherham [ ɹɒðəɹəm ] is a town in South Yorkshire, England on the River Don, near the confluence of the Don with the Rother. It is situated in Don Valley between Sheffield and Doncaster. Rotherham is about 10 km from the city center of Sheffield and is the administrative headquarters of the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham. The city has 117 262 inhabitants (as of 2001).


Although there have been during the Iron Age and Roman settlements in the area of ​​today's Rotherham. The town itself, however, was not founded until the early Middle Ages and quickly developed into a major Anglo-Saxon market town, as he lay on a Roman road.

In the 1480s prompted born in Rotherham, Archbishop of York, Thomas Rotherham, the construction of a college ( The College of Jesus) to create a counterweight to the colleges of Cambridge and Oxford. This college and a modern new parish church ( All Saints ) made ​​Rotherham to a lively and modern city at the end of the 15th century. Under the reign of King Edward VI. the college was closed, his estates of the crown were slammed. By the end of the 16th century, Rotherham was of a modern college town come down to a lasting place game and vice.


In the area ever since the Romans iron was mined, but it was coal, which brought the industrial revolution to Rotherham.

A little later, was also started with the iron production, in particular by the Walker family that built a kind of iron empire in Rotherham. During the 18th century, high-quality guns, but also bridge parts were manufactured in the Walker - factories. In the meantime, Joseph Foljambe established a factory to produce his Rotherham Plough, the first commercially successful iron plow.

Iron from Rotherham was known for its high quality. Iron and later steel were to the 20th century, the main industries Rotherham. The steelworks Temple Borough of company Steel, Peech and Tozer was at his best over 1.6 km long, employed 10,000 workers and operate six electric arc furnaces, which produced 1.8 million tons of steel per year. Production ceased in 1993.


Despite its history of Rotherham is low in historical buildings. The only half-timbered house dating from the 16th century is the multi- remodeled Three Cranes pub. Most of the buildings in the center were demolished during the 20th century and rebuilt.

But it belongs to the town center one of only four bridge chapels in England: Built in the 15th century Chapel of Our Lady of Rotherham Bridge ( or Chapel on the Bridge ) on the Chantry Bridge. The chapel was restored in 1923 after they had served a long time as a tobacconist.

Further noteworthy is the build in the 15th century parish church of All Saints and dating from the 18th century, Clifton House, which today houses the Clifton Park Museum.

Sons and daughters of the town

From Rotherham musicians Dougie Brown, Paul Shane and the Chuckle Brothers, the politician William Hague, the television presenter and " Daily Telegraph " columnist James May and the former goalkeeper of the English national team, David Seaman come. It also is home to the snooker player Shaun Murphy and the English FIFA referee Howard Webb.

  • Dean Downing ( born 1975 ), British track and road racing cyclist


Rotherham home to the world in the Football League One playing in the Millmoor stadium club Rotherham United ( The Millers ) and in the second class rugby union team playing Rotherham RUFC