Rothesay, Bute

Rothesay ( Scottish Gaelic: Baile Bhòid ) is the capital of the Isle of Bute in the Scottish unitary authority Argyll and Bute. The center of the town is Rothesay Castle, a ruined castle which dates from the 13th century and has a unique circular plan for Scotland.

Rothesay has about 4850 inhabitants.

In 1398 for the first time was the title of Duke of Rothesay to the second son of the Scottish king Robert III. Stewart celebration, which was taken up later separated again. After the government takeover of the Scottish king James VI. in England as James I in 1603 the heir to the throne since the two united in a personal union kingdoms was equipped with the same title, since Charles II of birth. Today, therefore, the Prince of Wales at the same time the Duke of Rothesay.


The destroyed Neolithic settlement of Townhead was below the modern cemetery and the adjacent St. Mary 's Chapel on the southern outskirts of Rothesay.

Sons and daughters of the town