Rotterode is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in the Thuringian Forest. It belongs to the administrative community Haselgrund.

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The place is situated on the southern slopes of the Rotter or height ( 600 m) with a view to the crumpled box and Grand Hermannsberg. West of the town rises the main ridge of the Thuringian Forest, the trail Rennsteig is around 3 km away. The municipality has a mountain rescue readiness with a hut near the Rennsteig. Larger towns nearby are Steinbach- Hallenberg, Schmalkalden, Oberhof, Zella- Mehlis and Suhl.


In Moosbachtal was already in the 12th century, the Moosburg, which served the Thuringian Landgrave of the Wartburg to control the trade route High road and the security of the border region. Beginning of the 14th century, the castle was destroyed, according to legend, a group of rotting founded the village Rotterode.

In 1330 Rotterode came as hitherto hersfeldisches fief of the lords of Frankenstein by purchase to the Counts of Henneberg - Schleusingen ( "Franken Steiner bill of sale "). In the 14th century the place was Lehnbesitz of Schmalkalder Canons and appeared in 1340 in a land register of the Office Schmalkalden as deserted as the " Roterot ". With the Office Schmalkalden the place came in 1360 under a hen Berg and Hessian dual power and fell after the extinction of Henneberger 1583 completely to the Hesse- Kassel. In 1791 the town was the Office Hallenberg in the Hessian of Schmalkalden affiliated.

The inhabitants of the place lived up to the 20th century, mainly of small iron craft ( nailers ) and agriculture. For a long time there was no church in the village, but only a prayer room in a public building. Only in 1955, the St. John's Church was built as the first newly built church in the GDR.

Population Development

Development of the population (31 December):

  • 2004 - 869
  • 2005 - 848
  • 2006 - 853
  • 2007 - 828
  • 2008 - 814
  • 2009 - 805
  • 2010 - 783
  • 2011 - 790

Culture and sights


Through the scenic Moosbachtal a hiking trail on the ground monument Moosburg leads past the Rennsteig. Furthermore, one can see there the Koppenstein and climb with the right equipment too. In winter you can on countless trails, around the place, explore the Thuringian Forest.


The successful junior biathlete Juliane Doell started her skiing career at SV Rotterode before she moved to WSV Oberhof.