Roughly Speaking (film)

  • Rosalind Russell: Louise Randall Pierson
  • Jack Carson: Harold C. Pierson
  • Robert Hutton: John Crane ( age: 20-28 )
  • Jean Sullivan: Louise Jr. ( age: 18-26)
  • Donald Woods: Rodney Crane
  • Alan Hale Sr.: Lew Morton
  • Andrea King: Barbara ( age: 21-29 )
  • Ann Doran: Alice Abbott
  • Mona Freeman: Barbara ( age: 15-20 )
  • Robert Arthur: Frankie ( age: 17)
  • Ray Collins: John Chase Randall
  • Kathleen Lockhart: Henrietta Louise Randall
  • Ann E. Todd: Louise Randall ( as a child)

A woman with spirit of enterprise is an American feature film from the year 1945. The film is based on autobiographical notes by Louise Randall Pierson, who was also involved in the screenplay.


A native of rich relationships Louise Randall never wanted to be like other women. When her father loses his fortune, the young Louise takes the opportunity to fulfill themselves in a profession. First, she works as a secretary in a shipyard. She marries the staid bank employees Rodney Crane and gives his sake even the job on. But even the quick succession taking place of birth of five children and a bustling family life do not make the good housewife that Rodney wants from Louise. Rodney is divorcing, whereupon Louise the child -headed but good-hearted player types Harold Pierson gets to know who is totally different from her ex-husband.

Harold can be infected by Louise enterprise. Several times to catch the two from the very bottom to grab as rose growers, aircraft manufacturers or vacuum cleaner representative for the stars. Each of their companies fail, but two things remain the pair in these tumultuous, marked by the world economic crisis and the impending World War Two times get: their love for each other and the continued ability to look forward.


"Despite simplified and sometimes superficial representation of family, individual and historical problems a total unsentimental and quite clever live entertainment. Only at the end of the novel adaptation increases into exaggerated patriotism. "