Round Table

The idea of ​​the Round Table (French table ronde, Eng. Roundtable, see Roundtable Welsh " Bwrdd Arthur " ) was first (mostly german name version of Arthur) introduced by the Anglo-Norman poet Wace ( 1150 ) in the story of King Arthur. Arthur had invented the round table, so as not to disputes about the best places came ( the king himself was not sitting in the Round Table ).

Participants at the Round Table

In the following centuries evolved into the popular narrative genre of Arthurian romance in the various Western European literatures ( via Old French, Middle High German, Middle English ) the idea of the Round Table to a fixed element of the Arthurian legends. Its membership was not limited ( French texts of the 13th century speak of 150, 240 or 366, Layamons " Brut" of 1600 knights ). In modern times, a more selective idea prevailed: John Dryden According counted the Round Table of King Arthur twelve, according to Sir Walter Scott, however, sixteen knights who embody completed the ethics of chivalry. Consequently, the medieval literature knows no fixed line-up of members of the Round Table. Rather always been considered the "most important" and "best" (that is, in this novel an important role playing ) Ritter as members of the Round Table.

These included in all stories:

  • Gawain ( Gawain ),
  • Lancelot,
  • Parzival,
  • Tristam ( Tristan )
  • Galahad,
  • Keie,
  • Iwein ( Yvain ),
  • Mordred and
  • Bors.

Furthermore, often

Associated with the Round Table in conjunction.

Other times people mentioned are:

  • Sir Aglovale, son of King Pellinore from Listinoise
  • King Bagdemagus
  • Sir Bedivere ( Bedwyr )
  • Sir Breunor, also called " La Côté time Taillée "
  • Sir Cador
  • Sir Caradoc, called " Caradoc Vreichvras ", or " Caradoc Strong Arm "
  • Sir Colgrevance
  • King Coel
  • Sir Constantine, son of Cador was, after Arthur's death King
  • Sir Dagonet, jester
  • Sir Daniel
  • Sir Dinadan, Sir son Brunors Sr. and brother Sir Brunors le Noir " La Côté time Taillée "
  • Sir Ector, Arthur's foster father and Sir Kay's father
  • Sir Ector de Maris, son of King Ban of Benwick
  • Sir Elyan the White, son of Sir Bors
  • Sir Gaheris
  • Sir Galeshin (son of Elaine and King Nentres )
  • Went Sir Alain, initially called Sir Gawain Le Bel Inconnu son
  • Sir griflet, Sir griflet le Fils de Dieu
  • Hoyer the Red, is mentioned in Wigalois
  • King Leodegrance, Guinevere's father, servant of the Round Table
  • Sir Lionel
  • Sir Lucan
  • March fab Meirchiawn
  • Sir Meleagant,
  • Sir Meliant de Lis
  • Sir Morholt
  • Sir Pelleas, husband of Lady of the Lake
  • King Pellinore
  • Sir Sagramore le Desirous
  • Sir Safir, Palamedes ' brother
  • Sir Segwarides, Palamedes ' brother
  • Sir Tor
  • Owein fab Urien
  • Sir Ywain ( Owain ), son of King Uriens of Gore
  • Sir Ywain the Bastard, also Uriens son

In Winchester, a round table panel is still shown, which was regarded for centuries as the authentic Round Table. She has designated 24 places with names. In the so-called Garelzimmer in Roncolo Castle in Bolzano, the Round Table was presented in 1390 as a wall painting.