Rounders (Film)

Rounders is an American film directed by John Dahl in 1998. The film was not in Germany to the movies and did not appear until February 6, 2006 on DVD in Germany.


Mike McDermott is a talented poker player. When he loses a majority of its assets against the Russian mobster Teddy KGB, he ceases to play poker and not also catches his girlfriend Jo at sake. When his old friend Lester " Worm " Murphy is released from prison, Mike gets back into the maelstrom of the game. Lester has gambling debts with the KGB and he has only a few days to repay the money. Mike promises his desperate friend to help. As Lester provoked his creditor, Mike guarantees even with their lives to protect him. The only way so quickly to earn the money needed, see the friends playing poker. In fact, their plan seems to be working. While Mike can rely on his extraordinary skill, Lester tries to achieve its profit by clever scams. However, for this reason, it comes increasingly to quarrels between friends. As Lester will eventually get caught cheating, they lose everything. Then both go their separate ways. Mike goes to Teddy KGB and invite him to a poker game. It turns out that Mike is the better player. He manages to recover the money and even his former assets needed. On the same evening he decides to use his talent to earn his living as a professional gambler.


" Solid players staged comedy, entertaining told and played well. "


  • Johnny Chan has only his daughter's sake agreed to participate in the film, because this was eager to meet Matt Damon.
  • For the character of Worm was originally planned that he smokes. However, Edward Norton was a staunch Non smoking at the time.


  • Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards: Best Actor ( Edward Norton )
  • Venice Film Festival: Nominated for Golden Lion ( John Dahl )