Route nationale 17

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  • Ile- de -France
  • Picardie
  • Nord-Pas -de- Calais

The N17 is a French national road that ran in 1824 between the N2 at Gonesse and the Belgian border in Menen. It goes back to the route impériale 18. Her length was 230.5 km. It was interrupted by the construction of the airport Lille -Lesquin 1968. The section between Peronne and the junction with the N44bis was graduated in 1973. In 1978 she took over the route of the N2 to Le Bourget as the N2 south was postponed because of an airport and the new building has been realigned between Peronne and Lille:

  • N 2 Le Bourget - junction with N17
  • N 17 crossing with N2 - Peronne
  • N 37 Peronne - Arras
  • N 25 Arras - circumvention of Carvin
  • Southern bypass of Carvin - A1 (junction 18)
  • Interrupted by A1
  • N 17 Lille - Belgian border

The N43 took over the section between Cambrai and Douai and the N44 the section between the junction with the N44bis and Cambrai. In 2006 she was graded down to the section between the extending on the northern bypass of Arras N25 and the end of the A221 in Lens. This is partially developed as a dual carriageway and will be further expanded.