Route of the Borgias

The route of the Borgia is a tourist route that leads through places in the former Valencian Kingdom, where the Borgia family has left its mark. The Borgia family settled in the Kingdom of Valencia after the conquest by King James I down. The Spanish surname was transcribed in Italy in the Italian pronunciation and transcribed into the back of Valencia in Spain.

The Popes Calixtus III. and Alexander VI. , Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia and Francis Borgia are the most famous people of this family.

The route begins and ends in the town of Gandia in Valencia.


The route goes past the following monuments and sites:

  • Gandia: Collegiate Church of Santa Maria of Gandia
  • Ducal Palace
  • Convent of Santa Clara
  • Hospital of San Marcos
  • Monastery of Sant Jeronimo de Cotalba
  • Monastery of Santa María de la Valldigna
  • Oratory of the Borgia
  • Tower of Borgia
  • Collegiate Church of Xativa
  • Birthplace of Alexander VI.
  • Hermitage of Santa Ana
  • Cathedral of Valencia
  • Palace of the Borgias
  • University of Valencia
  • Church of San Nicolás