Roy Milton

Milton Roy ( born July 31, 1907 in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, † September 18, 1983 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American drummer, singer, songwriter and bandleader who emerged primarily in the area of Rhythm & Blues.


His early years were spent Milton on a reservation in Oklahoma; his grandfather was Indian. In the 1920s, he became a singer and drummer in Tulsa. In the 1920s, Milton was a member of the Ernie Fields Orchestra, where he initially worked as a singer and finally drummer. In 1933 he went to Los Angeles and formed his band, The Solid Senders. Singer was in the early 1950s, Lil Greenwood, musical director of his group was Bobby Smith, a former member of the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra, " ' In Tippin " for Milton composed the hit. This was with his hits in this period a successful star in the night clubs; In 1946 she had with R. M. Blues Hiterfolg one, the others followed, including Milton 's Boogie, True Blues, Hop, Skip and Jump, Information Blues, Oh Babe ( voiced by Louis Prima ), So Tired and Best Wishes.

Success was after when rock 'n ' roll to rhythm and blues pushed into the background. Milton tried to participate in Groove on rock boom with album titles such as The Roots of Rock and instant. At the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1970 he played drums in the all- star band of Johnny Otis and was also active as a singer. He remained until his death in 1983, actively, including he worked on the west coast in jingles and had television appearances, as in the Sanford and Son show nationally broadcast.

In 1991, Roy Milton into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, was added to the Blues Hall of Fame in 2006.

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