Roy Williamson

Roy Williamson ( born June 25, 1936 in Edinburgh, † August 12 1990 in Forres ) was a British musician and instrument maker.

After training as a sailor he was co-founder of the Scottish folk band The Corries (1965-1990), together with Ronnie Browne, however, since 1955, later also with the Irish singer Paddie Bell. Williamson is the author of the unofficial Scottish national anthem The Flower of Scotland. In addition, he is considered the inventor of the Combolin, a mix of guitar and mandolin with 28 strings, of which deeper, similar to an Indian sitar, resonate as the sympathetic strings. The Combolin is considered the precursor of mehrhalsigen guitars.

Williamson died on 12 August 1990 at the Scottish Forres from a brain tumor.

  • Instrument maker
  • British Musician
  • Scotsman
  • Born in 1936
  • Died in 1990
  • Man
  • Person ( Edinburgh)