Royal Flash (film)

Royal Flash is a film directed by Richard Lester based on the novel Flashman - Prince of Denmark by George MacDonald Fraser from his series of Flashman Papers.


Otto von Bismarck involved the British officer Harry Flashman against his will in the quarrels of the March Revolution of 1848 and the Schleswig- Holstein question. Bismarck Flashman forces with the help of Lola Montez, impersonate in the small Principality Strackenz between Germany and Denmark as the future husband of the regent. Prince Carl Gustaf, a Danish nobleman, looks very similar to Flashman. Bismarck makes Flashman knows that he the real prince only so long, " represented " must, until the latter had survived the syphilis. In the further course Flashman is clear that Bismarck has kidnapped the sick prince to him to use as a political weapon. Erik Hansen, a childhood friend of the Prince, seen through Flashman and forces him to rescue the trapped on an Wasserburg held princes with him. The company manages and Flashman manages to escape to England.


  • The Principality Strackenz is the only fictional home of the Adventure flash Mans.
  • In addition to Bismarck and Lola Montez met Flashman, albeit briefly, other contemporary people: Edward VII, the Bavarian King Ludwig, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, Oscar Wilde, Henry Irving, Karl Marx, Henry John Temple, John Gully and Jefferson Davis.
  • The plot has parallels with the book The Prisoner of Zenda. In the novel, it is claimed, however, the Adventure flash Mans was authentic and had Anthony Hope inspired.


With Royal Flash Richard Lester provides a rich and refreshing point irreverent parody of the Bismarck era. As with his hit movie The Three Musketeers (1973 ) also dominate rapidly in scene set, action-packed sword fights and operetta - opulent scenarios.

Only partially successful parody of the German character, which is a little lacking in pace and unerring wit.