Royaumont Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Convent of Santa Maria di Valle Real (1270 )

The Royaumont Abbey is located in Asnieres -sur -Oise in the department of Val- d'Oise, approximately 30 kilometers north of Paris. It is a Cistercian abbey which. , The daughter monastery of the monastery of Citeaux 1228-1235 under the reign of King Louis IX was built and even founded a daughter house in Italy ( Monastery of Santa Maria di Valle Real ). It served initially as a burial place for deceased in childhood members of the royal family ( including three children and two grandchildren of Louis IX. ), Which, no final resting place in the principal burial place of the dynasty, the Basilica of Saint- Denis.

It was in 1791, during the French Revolution dissolved, and then served partly as a quarry for a factory. The sacristy, cloister and refectory remained.

Here the comic opera Sérafine was premiered by Friedrich von Flotow On October 30, 1836 on June 10, 1838 his opera Le Comte de Saint- MEGRIN (La Duchesse de Guise ).

1864, the abbey was purchased by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux and met with religious life.

In the early 20th century, the abbey was sold to the Goüin family, the 1964 Royaumont Foundation founded the first private French Cultural Foundation. Today the Abbey is a tourist attraction and also a cultural center.

In 1947, founded by Paul Desjardins tradition of decades of Pontigny by his daughter Anne Heurgon - Desjardins ( 1899-1977 ) was continued in Royaumont before the event changed in 1952 to the castle of Cerisy- la -Salle (Manche).

The abbey served as a backdrop for Jean Delannoy film Les Amitiés particulières.