Roycroft was an association of artisans, writers and philosophers in the U.S. state of New York and an American offshoot of the late 19th and early 20th century popular Arts and Crafts Movement, one coming from England movement in art and product design. It existed from the 1890s until the 1930s. Their headquarters was the council of East Aurora, a small town near Buffalo ( New York). Its members were called " Roycrofter " known.


It was founded Roycroft Movement, as it is called even, 1895 in East Aurora Elbert Hubbard, an American writer, satirist, essayist and philosopher who was interested in art and literature. Hubbard was a journalist and editor of several journals such as The Fra and The Philistine, both of which were the mouthpiece of Roycroft. The philosophy and operation of the Roycroft members had great influence on design, interiors and architecture in America around the turn of the century. Another main character was Hubbard's second wife, the women's rights activist and writer Alice Moore Hubbard.

The name " Roycroft " received the motion of Samuel and Thomas Roycroft, two English bookbinders from the late 17th century. In addition, the word had the original meaning of " Crafts for the King ," which Hubbard liked. Royal artisans were called in the Middle Ages members special guilds, had the special technical skills and therefore were allowed to work for the king or other nobles. Your icon Roycroft borrowed from the monk Cassidorius, a bookbinder from the 13th century.

Elbert Hubbard was influenced by a visit to England by the ideas of William Morris, an English painter, architect and poet who was a founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement. After he found a publisher for his book Little Journeys, he founded his own private press, " Roycroft Press," following the example of William Morris ' Kelmscott Press. Hubbard's work and ideas attracted many craftsmen and artists to East Aurora, which eventually was Roycroft. It was for the most part artisans such as printers, furniture makers, blacksmiths and bookbinders as well as architects, writers, poets and painters. The English writer John Ruskin said of Roycroft: " The belief in working with the head, the hand and the heart and enjoy working make every task a pleasure and contribute to health and happiness in ".

1900, the number of members referred to almost 500 Roycroft The community had settled on the site of the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, which consisted of fourteen buildings at the end. The private press Roycroft Press, founded by Hubbard was responsible for the dissemination of literary and journalistic works of Roycrofter. About the Roycroft Shop their technical and artistic products such as furniture, crockery and paintings were sold.

Known members

Among the followers of Roycroft were well-known personalities from the arts and crafts, and others:

  • Karl Kipp (metallurgy )
  • Dard Hunter ( Design)
  • Alexis Jean Fournier
  • Sandor Landeau ( Malererei )
  • Frederick Kranz (Leather)
  • William Wallace Denslow (inventor of the Roycroft emblem and later illustrator of The Wizard of Oz)
  • Jerome Connor ( sculptures)
  • Carl Ahrens (pottery and painting)
  • Jules Gaspard ( etchings )

The end of Roycroft

1915 came Elbert and Alice Hubbard in the sinking of the British ocean liner RMS Lusitania killed. The line of Roycroft then took over Elbert G. Hubbard II, Hubbard's son from his first marriage. However, the community lost in the ensuing years of exercise and importance existed and still active until the Great Depression. The Roycroft Shop was closed in 1938. Later, the Roycroft Campus Corporation was founded a society for the preservation and maintenance of historical and artistic heritage of Roycroft. Contributed to this Miriam Hubbard Roelofs, the only daughter of Elbert and Alice Hubbard. The company still exists today. The Roycroft Campus was awarded the status of a National Historic Landmark in 1986.


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