Royn Hvalba

Royn Hvalba, or Bóltfelagið Royn, is a Faroese football and sports club based Hvalba on Suðuroy. The club plays since 2013 in the third Deild, the fourth- highest division in Faroese men's soccer.


The team played only in the founding year 1942 in the highest Faroese league, and retired from there in the second round. Since then Royn Hvalba only occurred more in unterklassigen championships. Last succeeded in 2011, the rise in the second Deild ( third highest league ), but the team was relegated again in the third Deild for the following year after 9th place in 2012.

The greatest success of the club's history was far reaching the Cup final in 1983. Royn Hvalba In the semifinals defeated the defending champions HB Tórshavn, but had to be in the finals the GÍ Gøta give clearly beaten with 1:5.


  • Faroese Football Championship: Participation: 1942
  • Finalist: 1983