RPG is an abbreviation for:

  • A Swiss Federal Law on Spatial Planning and Construction Law, see Spatial Planning Act ( Switzerland )
  • Rebounds per Game ( ball conquests per game), name in basketball, how often a player (usually the center ) can intercept the coming off ball out of the air at a failed basket attempt, both under its own basket (Defensive Rebound ) and under the basket of opponent ( offensive rebound )
  • Reichspreßgesetz, the Press Law of 7 May 1874 ( also coll Reichspreßgesetz, range of Press Act or the Reich Press Law ), was a German law regulating the press law
  • Role Playing Game, see Role-Playing ( game ) or its subgroups pen & paper role-playing game, live role-playing and computer role-playing game
  • RPG ( programming language) Report Program Generator, a problem-oriented programming language for the commercial sector
  • RPG ( weapon), (Russian: Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт ( РПГ ) Rutschnoi Protiwotankowy Granatomjot ( manually operable anti-tank grenade launcher ) ), a Soviet / Russian series of reactive anti-tank rifles Rocket Propelled Grenade or, see reactive Panzerbüchse # Description
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