Rrok Mirdita

Rrok Kola Mirdita ( born September 28, 1939 in Klezna, Montenegro ) is Archbishop of Durrës -Tirana, the Primate of the Catholic Church in Albania and chairman of the Albanian Bishops' Conference.


Mirdita was ordained in 1965 to the Roman Catholic priests. He was for many years pastor of the Albanian community in the Bronx, New York.

At Christmas 1992, he was appointed by Pope John Paul II appointed Archbishop of Durrës -Tirana. During his trip, the Pope Albania Mirdita inaugurated on 25 April 1993 Bishop. In his episcopal city of Tirana Mirdata initiated the construction of a new Cathedral dedicated to the Apostle Paul. The church was consecrated in January 2002. Beside it is the also newly built archbishop's residence. Rrok Mirdita is also director of the Albanian Caritas.