• Vocals: Denis " Snake" Belanger
  • Electric Guitar: Denis " Piggy " D' Amour
  • E -Bass: Jean -Yves " Blacky " Theriault
  • Drums: Michel " Away" Langevin

Rrröööaaarrr is the second studio album by Canadian metal band Voivod, published in March 1986. It was the first album for Noise Records and is stylistically associated with the Thrash Metal. The music magazine Rock Hard, it led in June 2009 at number 20 of his list of 250 thrash metal albums that you should know.


The musicians of Voivod had changed their residence from Jonquiere ( Quebec ) to Montreal, where they lived in an apartment together. Since they did not have the financial means for the recording of their second studio album, the band organized under the name of World War III a festival. Besides Voivod Celtic occurred Frost, Possessed, Destruction and Nasty Savage. According to drummer Away visited two to three thousand fans at the concert, so Voivod could be financed by the revenue the studio recording the album. Between 11 October and 17 November 1985, the band recorded at L' Autre in Montreal studio Rrröööaaarrr. A rough draft of the first mix was Martin Ain of Celtic Frost. This turned Voivod before the label Noise Records where Celtic Frost was already under contract. Then, the band received a recording contract for three studio albums.

The album cover comes from Away, which had claims to have drawn it for lack of money on a pizza box. It shows a machine called Korgüll the Exterminator, this is also the title of the first song of the album. The album title stems from the consideration of the band members, which would make this noise Korgüll machine well.

Music style

The music on Rrröööaaarrr was characterized by the trend of the time to play faster than other thrash metal bands such as Slayer. For this reason, the songs were played too fast on the album, according to drummer Away and there were some unclean played passages. The music is described due to their high tempo as little catchy, the songs are chaotic and their structure sometimes barely comprehensible. Rrröööaaarrr is regarded as the catchy least Voivod album because Voivods pursuit of musical extremes exceeded the former abilities of the musicians. In contemporary reviews for the album, the music journalists were still disagree about the stylistic orientation of the album. While Götz Kühnemund of RockHard the music in 1986, known as Power Metal, Thrash Metal Oliver assigns to the terminal from the Metal Hammer Voivod. Agreement among both reviewers were to the effect that the style in comparison to the previous album War and Pain had not changed and that the music continues to keep bein punk elements. Both emphasize the clearer compared to the debut album production.

Title list

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