RS is an abbreviation for:

  • RS, model type from the Škoda Fabia
  • RS, model type from the Škoda Octavia
  • Radiospares in RS
  • Radio Sputnik, a series of amateur radio satellites
  • Randall - Sundrum model, in modern theoretical physics, a mathematical approach to the description of the fundamental forces in the universe
  • Junior high school, type of school in various countries
  • Recommended Standard, standards in computer technology, such as RS- 232
  • Government Secretary, an official title of the central administration service
  • Regio Sottomarino, Royal Submarine ', name prefix for submarines of the former royal Italian Navy, Marina Militare see
  • Recruit school, basic training in the Swiss Army
  • Racing in street-legal Porsche Homologationsfahrzeugen, see Porsche # Porsche nomenclature
  • Republic of Serbia, after the country code of ISO 3166, see Serbia
  • Republika Slovenija, Slovenia see
  • Republika Srpska, Republic of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • République solidaire, a new French party, founded by Dominique de Villepin '
  • Paramedic, a rescue specialist
  • Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil
  • Round Rock, is rounded saddles for horses with a very short saddle position, depending on the work use, there are various models of the Western saddle, riding saddle see # Western Saddle

RS as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Egypt: Government al -Bahr al - ahmar
  • Germany: county-level city of Remscheid
  • UK: Reading
  • Moldova: Rajon Rîşcani
  • Norway: Rogaland Stavanger Stavanger
  • Slovakia: Rimavská Sobota for Okres Rimavská Sobota

R & S is an abbreviation for:

  • Bold and the Beautiful, a television program
  • Rohde & Schwarz, German electronics group
  • R & S Records, Belgian record label

Rs stands for:

  • Indian Rupee, informal abbreviation for the Indian currency

R s is an abbreviation for:

  • Rights and claims, a legal trade magazine ( Germany )

. rs stands for:

  • . rs, country code top -level domain of the Republic of Serbia

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