RSI LA 1 is the name of the first public television program of the Italian Switzerland.

It is operated by the RSI, a business unit of SRG SSR. Broadcasting was in 1961. Studios are located in Lugano. LA 1 is a classic full program and the most-watched channel in the core end region ( Italian-speaking Switzerland ). He radiated like wildfire via DVB -T, is currently being built up a circulation in the DVB-T bouquet of Romandie and the German Switzerland. In addition, the program can be seen on cable and satellite. Until 28 February 2009 the station was called TSI 1, before ( before the first broadcast of TSI 2) RTSI. RSI LA1 is also broadcast in HD since 29 February 2012.

Historical logos

Logo of the HD simulcasts

Reception in Northern Italy

TSI uno has long been about as popular as ORF 1 in southern Bavaria in northern Italy. The reception radius reached out to well over Milan. However, the reception options were always worse after Italian private broadcasters were allowed and could take this because of a gap in operating unhindered new frequencies that interfered with the Swiss signal massive.

Only in 1995 was by a frequency change of TSI transmitter Castel San Pietro, about five kilometers from the extreme southern tip of Switzerland, the reception in Milan are possible again. Used here was channel 36, which had to remain largely free of radio broadcasts in Italy due to other occupation. With the introduction of DVB- T in Ticino and the switch-off of analogue broadcasting in 2006, however, was abandoned by the Switzerland channel 36; the frequencies now used by DVB- T can still only very poorly received because of strong interference. Proposals, LA 1 broadcast in Italy itself via DVB- T, were far been transposed in South Tyrol, where the program is broadcast by the radio -Anstalt Südtirol since May 2010. The so-called project TSI Italia will not be pursued due to financial scarcity of SRG SSR until further notice.