The RT -15 (Russian РТ -15) was a mobile Soviet medium-range missile from the Cold War. The NATO reporting name of the missile is SS -14 Scamp or SS -14 Scapegoat. The GRAU index 8K96 was.


The RT -15 program constitutes an early aspiration of the Soviet Union to produce a mobile tactical medium-range missile. Although the development work for the missile system in mid -1960s have been fully completed, the RT -15 system for active use in the army was rejected. Finally, the project was canceled before it could be incorporated into the Soviet military planning. It was intended that the system can be booted from both sea-based, as well as from land-based launchers. The two-stage solid-fuel rocket was launched on a chain-driven mobile missile launch pad. The starter vehicle based on the chassis of a heavy tank.

The SS -14 launcher vehicle was first seen in May 1965, received by Western military analysts, the NATO designation " Scamp ". The first public presentation of the system took place in November 1967 at a military parade in Moscow. Since the rocket was also spotted later separately inside a rocket launch container, it was in 1968, also the NATO reporting name " Scapegoat ".