RTS Info

RTS info is the name under which the broadcasting of French-speaking Switzerland Radio Télévision Suisse since February 29, 2012 operates the current reporting. Under this name a television news programs in radio programs, a website and an app for smart phones are provided.


The previous program, TSR info was as a pure news program Télévision Suisse Romande of on air since 26 December 2006. Info RTS took its concept and entered since February 29, 2012 in his place, as the television and radio programs of the French-speaking Switzerland broadcasting were reorganized.

RTS info produces two main news programs that are broadcast at 12.45 clock and at 19.30 clock. There are also local news ( Couleurs locales ). The program consists essentially in a continuous coverage that is produced live (Journal en continu ). It is moderation, reports and interviews alternate. In the remaining time excerpts from the news broadcasts of the previous day are repeated.

RTS info can be received around the clock via a live video stream on the Internet on the same site, as opposed to RTS and RTS Un Deux outside of Switzerland. It is temporarily assumed by the television RTS Deux; at this time, it is also terrestrial to see on cable TV and via satellite.


Even the news programs in the four radio programs of RTS are presented under the name of RTS info, including detailed programs Journal du matin, le 12:30 and forum that are sent in RTS La Première, as well as the hourly short messages (Journal horaire ).

Website and App

On the website info RTS selected reports from the TV and radio program on demand can be found next to the eponymous television streaming LIVE. The current coverage is complemented by texts by the editors as well as photos. The content can also be used via an app. Individual programs are offered video and audio as a podcast. The website lists all these deals together in the form of an online magazine and therefore serves as a central information platform of Radio Télévision Suisse.