Ruben Blommaert

Ruben Blommaert ( born March 5, 1992, Bruges, Belgium) is a Belgian figure skater.

He began 1998 with the figure skating. He first started out as a single runner for Belgium at the European Championships in 2008 and 2009 and also at the Junior World Championships in those years. In 2011 he joined the pair skating and found a partner in Annabelle Prölß. Since then he starts for Germany. The pair immediately won the German Junior Championships in pair skating in 2012 and also at first the German Championships in the master class a year later. Coach of the pair is Karel Fajfr. They train in Oberstdorf and start for the EC Oberstdorf.

Achievements / Results

Pair of running

( with Annabelle Prölß )

JGP = Junior Grand Prix

Single run