Rubik's Clock

Rubik's Clock is a mathematical puzzle, which was invented in 1988 by Erno Rubik. However, it was not nearly as successful as invented by him Rubik's Cube ( Rubik 's Cube ). Manufacturer of the clock was Matchbox.

The Rubik 's Clock also called game consists of two rounds, light and dark blue discs, which hide a mechanism in a two- inch-thick chassis. Behind each of the two discs are nine ( three times three ) watches, but have only an hour hand and can be put to the full hour. Around the central clock ( clock five) to mate four push buttons that protrude either, or can be pressed into the housing. A button is pressed on one side of the housing, it protrudes at the other side of the housing. The Eckuhren ( 1, 3, 7 and 9) can be displaced by the side of the housing located dials.

The corner watches each have a direct mechanical connection between the front and rear, so there is not 18, but only 14 independent clock (5 in the front, on the back 5, and the four corner clocks, are thus present twice ).

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to suspend all that are on both sides of 3 × 3 watches on the controller clock 12 clock. There are other target types.

Depending on pressed buttons rotate when adjusting one of the dials a different number and combination of watches. If, for example pressed all four buttons, so also rotate all watches. At the same time, however, all the buttons are on the back of the clock collected; there therefore rotate only the four Eckuhren.

There are 1214 ≈ 1.28 quadrillion possible combinations, as the game has 14 independent clocks.