Rudolf Svensson

Rudolf Svensson ( born March 27, 1899 in Gudhem; † December 4, 1978 in Bromma ) was a Swedish wrestler.


Svensson learned in Falköping wrestling. During World War II he served his military service as a Dragoon in Stockholm. In 1920 he joined the club Djurgårdens IF on, got a job as a firefighter in Stockholm and forced the wrestling training. From 1921 to 1934 he took part in almost every year with great success at an international championship. He was a light heavyweight, who competed in the light heavyweight division again. Svensson was a specialist in the state of struggle and a great tactician. He wrestled mostly in the Greco-Roman style, if necessary, but also freestyle. Svensson won at the Olympic Games two gold and two silver medals, making it still one of the most successful wrestlers of all time at the Olympic Games. For his contributions to the sport wrestler he was taken in September 2005 in the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame.


(Note: OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, GR = Greco-Roman style, F = Freestyle, HS = light heavyweight, S = Heavy weight, then to 87 kg or 87 kg of body weight)

For at that time very popular and usually the entire world elite gathering Ringer tournaments in Scandinavia Rudolf Svensson achieved countless successes over nearly all the world-class wrestler and represented Sweden successfully in many countries fighting, especially against arch-rivals Finland.

National success

Rudolf Svensson won 1926-1936 seven Swedish Championships. He often had to defeat in his country at these championships tougher competition than at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships. Given names like Carl Westergren, Johan Richthoff, Ernst Nilsson, Claes Johansson, Thure Sjöstedt, Georg Nilsson and John Nyman that's understandable.