Rudolph II of Burgundy

Rudolf II (c. 880 (~ 905 ), † 12 July or 13 July 937) was Duke, later King of Upper Burgundy ( 912-937 ) and King of Italy ( 922-926 ), buried in Saint -Maurice. He is one of the National kings of Italy.

Rudolf was the eldest son of King Rudolf I of Upper Burgundy ( 888-911 ) from the house of Rudolfingerstrasse, the Burgundian branch of the Guelphs and the Willa of Lower Burgundy, daughter of King Boso of Vienne.

Duke Rudolf II was eager to expand his empire in the northeast. He used the ambiguous states in the territory of the Duchy of Swabia. 916 he acquired Swabian territories west of the line Huttwil- Aarwangen and Basel. His defeat at the Battle of Winterthur in the year 919 against Duke Burchard II cost Rudolf the Thur and the Zürichgau.

To return to some semblance of peace, he married - probably in the year 922 - Burchard's daughter Berta.

From this marriage four children were born:

  • King Conrad III. ,
  • Rudolf ( 961/62 attested )
  • Archbishop Burchard I of Lyon and
  • Adelheid, later wife of Emperor Otto I..

Burchard and Rudolf supported henceforth politically.

In the same year he began martial southbound push forward. He was raised from 921 Adalbert of Ivrea to the throne of Italy. Emperor Berengar I of Friuli turned 923 Fiorenzuola (Piacenza ) Rudolf contrary, but was defeated. This made Rudolf king of Italy.

Meanwhile, the Italian nobility against Rudolf began to revolt. It rushed him Duke Burchard II of Swabia to help. Burchard died after a raid by the Archbishop Lambert of Milan in April 926 against Novara. Rudolf II pulled out from Italy and issued in November 926 in Worms back to him passed as a symbol of power Italian Holy Lance to King Henry I..

Rudolf renounced in favor of 933 Hugo of Provence finally to Italy against the cession of Lower Burgundy.

King Rudolf II inherited the throne of his son Conrad III ..


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