The Rugby League is the top division in the German Rugby Union Sport. It was introduced on September 18, 1971 under the auspices of the German Rugby Federation.

The League is operated mainly by amateurs. Some teams, such as the SC 1880 Frankfurt and Heidelberger RK, playing in a professional setting.

The league was fundamentally reformed at the beginning of the season 2012/2013. The number of teams was expanded from 10 to 24 and divided the league into four regional groups of six teams. Below the Bundesliga Bundesliga 2 has been redesigned as well.

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On September 18, 1971, the first match of the then two-part First League was held, which consisted of one season with six North and South of a season with ten teams. Thus, the discharged since 1909 German Championship was continued in the modern league operating simultaneously.

  • The season started north with the clubs SV Odin Hannover SV 08 Rickingen, 1878 DSV Hannover and TSV Victoria Linden (all from the urban area of Hanover ), SC Siemens city (Berlin) and FC Sankt Pauli (Hamburg).
  • The squadron south began with the clubs SC New Home, RG Heidelberg, Heidelberger RK, Heidelberger TV, TSV Glove Home (all from the urban area of Heidelberg ), RC Hürth, Bonner SC, ASV Köln (all from the Cologne metropolitan area), SC 1880 Frankfurt and SG Eintracht Frankfurt.

A few years later passed both squadrons of eight clubs, of which the squadron north to the descent of the SC Siemens City (1974 ) and the FC Sankt Pauli (1975 ) came all the remaining clubs from the city of Hanover. Sometimes you could hear the derogatory word " tram league" therefore. In the relay South also came five of eight clubs from the city of Heidelberg. This by regionally bundled traditions in rugby -related and extremely one-sided distribution of German clubs in the First Bundesliga was partially offset until the end of the 1970s than with the Hamburger SV (1978 ) and the Berliner RC (1980 ) Associations from other cities to encountered.

Restructuring after the turn

After the political changes in the late 1980s, the accession of the national associations of Brandenburg and Saxony and the related associations from the GDR, there was a new division in the seasons north / east and south / west, as well as temporarily to a single track play mode with eight clubs. Mid-1990s was played again in two groups of six clubs in seasons north / east and south / west. The three winners then carried out a six finals, which first came into the final table to earn the title of German Champion.

As of the 2001 /02 season, the first Bundesliga was re- played single track with ten clubs. Could ascend and descend each case the two last or first place winners from the Second Bundesliga. The top four teams came into the play-off phase in which they played for the German Championship at the end of the season.

Current Situation

Main article: Rugby league system in Germany

In the 2012/13 season, the first Bundesliga has undergone a fundamental reform again. Together with the second division they were divided each into four regional scales (North, West, South and East ), each with six clubs that play for a place in a national play-off phase. The rationale for reform include significantly lower travel costs for the participating clubs and a margin of those gaming operations, which has been dominated in recent years by only a very few clubs from the strongholds of the German rugby.


Since the 1990s, there is also a Second Bundesliga, which was initially divided shortly after the turn in four series ( A and B North and South A and B), but later in the two seasons north and south with initially to six each, from the season was increased in 2001/ 02 to seven, and from the 2002/03 season of eight teams. From the 2012/13 season, the Second Bundesliga once again in four seasons (North, West, South and East ) is to be divided into six teams.

In addition to the Second Bundesliga exists a Second Division with two seasons (South West North West and South - South). In addition, a Regional with seven seasons. The lowest division represents the Association League with their six seasons dar.


Championship Final

Champions and finalists

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The RG Heidelberg is the only club that has been committed since its inception continuously the First Bundesliga. Record champions since inception in 1971, the TSV Victoria Linden with eight league titles. Is Bewerkenswert that the TSV Victoria Linden has won a total of 20 league titles since its inception. Current German master is the Heidelberger RK, who defeated in the final of Mester sheep round the SC New Home with 41:10.