Rugby sevens

7- Rugby (English Rugby Sevens ) is a variant of rugby union in the family of rugby sports and is played in contrast to the conventional version with 15 players, with only 7 players. This variant of the game of rugby is also included in the program of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


7- Rugby is sponsored by the World Association International Rugby Board (IRB ) and has, like Rugby Union, an official IRB rules. The basis form the rugby union rules and the playing field has the same size as in the 15s rugby.

The duration of a game is limited to 2 × 7 minutes with a minute halftime break; Playoffs last 2 × 10 minutes at two minutes half-time. In this way, 7- rugby tournaments can be held in a day or a weekend. Due to the reduced number of players in the same space size, the attacking team has an advantage and points will be scored more frequently than in the 15er version. Since the framework has also the possession worth more than field advantage, is the kick-off after points have been achieved, carried out by the team that was successful - in contrast to the "big" Rugby Union. Increases must be performed by Dropkick. Alley and crowd (consisting of three players ) are still part of the game, in some situations instead of a scrimmage a free kick being awarded.

Just about all 7- rugby players also play 15s rugby. Good seven-a mostly consist of players in the back line and third -row attackers because they are usually physically better suited for the faster and more intense running game and have a better ball handling.


Was invented in the 7 Series Rugby 1883 by Ned Haig, a butcher from the Scottish town of Melrose. Thought it was a one-off action to raise funds for the local club, but the idea was well received by the audience. The first officially supported by the IRB match was held in 1973 at Murrayfield Stadium to mark the centennial anniversary of the Scottish Rugby Union. Three years later, took place for the first time the Hong Kong Sevens tournament. First time in 1993, the 7- Rugby World Cup has been played in the play the best teams in the world at the Melrose Cup.

Other major competitions, in which 7- Rugby is played, the Commonwealth Games and the World Games. The IRB held over several months a series of tournaments in cities around the world that are included in the final evaluation of the IRB Sevens World Series with. Following the same principle, the FIRA -AER organized a European tournament series.

In Germany 7 Series Rugby is played in many tournaments. Here it is possible for young and small clubs that do not yet have a large squad players to gain valuable game experience. The German Championships in school and university rugby are played in 7- rugby. Since 1996 there is a German championship in 7- rugby for men, four years later, the same competition for women's teams has been introduced.

Olympic games

After Rugby Union 1924 was the last time been part of the Olympic Games, was discussed on the incorporation of 7- Rugby in the Olympic program for some time. The IRB inter alia, to the great popularity with viewers and the opportunity for small nations such as Fiji or Samoa to be successful in this sport. The International Olympic Committee, however, refused the last time in July 2005 recording. (July 2006). Prior to the decision of the Swiss IOC representative Denis Oswald had arranged with the utterance sensation that he was not a rugby specialist, but I have learned from people in the sport that 7- Rugby constitutes a kind of joke. Oswald stated later that he had never seen a rugby game. In response to criticism during the application phase, the IRB also set up a tournament series for women.

In August 2009, the Executive Board of the IOC suggested the inclusion of 7- rugby and golf in the program of the 2016 Olympic Games. This proposal was approved at the Plenary Session of the IOC on October 9, 2009 in Copenhagen.

Famous 7- rugby player

Famous 7- rugby players include Waisale Serevi, Christian Cullen, Ben Gollings, Jonah Lomu and Brian Lima.