Rugby union at the 1908 Summer Olympics

In the IV Olympic Games in London in 1908 a rugby competition was held, and in the variant Rugby Union. Australia was by defeating the An incoming for England selection of Cornwall Olympic champion, the third party participating team France drew back shortly so that it only had two placed.

For tournament all four British teams were invited, but only reported an England team, while Wales, Ireland and Scotland did not respond to the invitation to the event. Of the three invited Dominions Union of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, New Zealand and South Africa refused to participate, while Australia, whose selection was located just on their first tour in the British Isles reported for the competition. The also reported for the tournament France withdrew just before the start.

The Australian team was in 1908/ 09 for the first time ever on a long European tour and proved to be superior. From 31 games, they won their 25, came to five draws. Among other things, they had defeated the team from Cornwall with 18:5, as well as the England national team 9:3. In contrast, the English association could not muster England Rugby due to organizational difficulties, as many regulars ironically were on a tour of Australia and New Zealand and a letter with a request for timely return this did not reach in time. As a substitute, the reigning Country champion, was the selection of Cornwall placed.

On October 19, the only Olympic game was played. The Australians were her favorite role full justice and suggested the Englishman clearly with 32:3.

After the return of the Australians played 14 members of the squad, including the Capitan of the Olympic finals Chris McKivat, a demonstration game against the Australian Rugby League team, the Kangaroos. Because they were paid for it, all 14 were excluded by the then pure amateur rugby union code and switched to rugby league code.