Rukwa Region

Rukwa is one of 26 regions ( counties ) in Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Kigoma and Tabora Regions, to the east by Mbeya, south to Zambia. To the west is Lake Tanganyika, which forms the border with Congo. Local capital is Sumbawanga.

The Rukwa region covers about 70,000 km ².


The 2002 census showed 1,141,743 inhabitants. These are distributed across the four districts as follows (population figures in brackets): Sumbawanga City ( 147 483 ), Sumbawanga country ( 373 080 ), Mpanda ( 412 683 ) and Nkasi ( 208 497 ).

The largest ethnic group are the FIPA that inhabit mainly the districts Sumbawanga and Nkansi. Other tribal groups are the Bende, Pimbwe, Rungwa and Konongo in the district Mpanda and Mambwe, Lungu, Wanda and Mwanga District in Sumbawanga. In addition, here also live Sukuma, Nyamwezi and Maasai.