Alpine sorrel ( Rumex alpinus )

Yellow Dock ( Rumex ) is a plant genus of the family buckwheat family ( Polygonaceae ).

The genus comes with about 130 species mostly found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The species are difficult to distinguish in part, as to an accurate determination of both flowers and fruits and basal leaves are needed. Thus, the water - dock differs from the pond dock only by the absence of calluses on the flower petals and the distribution area, which reaches up into the mountain regions.

The value of the dock species as a forage crop is generally low. Since they have as an ingredient oxalic, they can cause symptoms of poisoning when recording large amounts in ruminants and the horse. Poisoning reason is a decrease in blood calcium levels.


Dock are usually perennial herbaceous plants. The Rumex species are characterized, among others, the following characteristic features:

  • As Valven the three inner tepals are called, which are retained in the fruit and envelop them.
  • When callus is called nodular - hard, cartilage-like thickenings at the Valven. Depending on the type only some or all Valven can be beschwielt evenly or unevenly, or the calluses are missing.

Types (selection)

  • Yellow Dock ( Rumex ) Sheep Sorrel ( Rumex acetosella L.)
  • Common Sorrel ( Rumex acetosa L.)
  • Mountain sorrel ( Rumex arifolius space. )
  • Alpine sorrel ( Rumex alpinus L.)
  • Water Dock ( Rumex aquaticus L.)
  • Taurus head - sorrel ( Rumex bucephalophorus L.)
  • Stocky sorrel ( Rumex confertus Willd. )
  • Hank sorrel ( Rumex conglomeratus Murray )
  • Yellow Dock ( Rumex crispus L.)
  • River dock ( Rumex hydrolapathum L.)
  • Vegetable sorrel ( Rumex longifolius DC. )
  • Canary Yellow Dock ( Rumex lunaria L.)
  • Shore dock or beach - sorrel ( Rumex maritimus L.)
  • Snow Dock, Snow - sorrel ( Rumex nivalis Hegetschw. )
  • Stump leaf sorrel ( Rumex obtusifolius L.)
  • Marsh dock ( Rumex palustris Sm )
  • Garden sorrel ( Rumex patientia L.)
  • Beautiful sorrel ( Rumex pulcher L.)
  • Hain- dock, blood sorrel ( Rumex sanguineus L.)
  • Shield dock, shield - sorrel ( Rumex scutatus L.)
  • Narrow- leaf sorrel ( Rumex stenophyllus Ledeb. )
  • Straußblütiger sorrel ( Rumex thyrsiflorus Dingzhen. )
  • Tangier- sorrel ( Rumex tingitanus L.)
  • Willow leaf - sorrel ( Rumex triangulivalvis ( Danser ) Rech.f. )