Rumphi, also called Rumpi Boma and Rumpi, is a town with 14,069 inhabitants ( 1998) in the Northern Region of Malawi. The city is situated at 1200 meters altitude on the southern end of the Nyika Plateau in a tobacco -growing region. Numerous dry storage are located on the slopes west of the city. Rumphi is connected to the national grid, whose route runs slightly off the highway Mzuzu - Karonga behind the narrow and steep valley of the Southern Rukuru above the heights of Viphya Mountains. The town has an airstrip, primary and secondary schools, a hospital, a weekly market, a supermarket and a bank.

Rumpi is the administrative center of the homonymous district, which is 4769 km ² and 169 112 inhabitants. The district is sparsely populated. The settlement areas are located to the west and south close to the district border. The streets of the district are not paved. To the west lies the Rumphi Wildlife Reserve Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve.