Run and gun (basketball)

Run and gun (Eng. " run and shoot" ) is a basketball strategy, in which the emphasis is placed on quick throw statements and the defendant should be " overrun ".


The basic consideration is that are set up properly with fast forward play neither attacker nor defender. When you run and gun is believed that the defensive penalty of the opponent weighs higher than the own offensive penalty and urged on the fast throw. For this, a good point guard as a passer as well as athletic, impact resistant players are required as customers. A special role is played by the Fast Break. Each opponent loses possession / own rebound is to be used to play immediately to the front and to come quickly to throw / dunk.

For run and gun dominated the offensive. Advantage of the run and gun tactics is the rapidity with which the moves are completed: enemies with slow players can be " overrun ". If the enemy himself has fast defenders, the tactic is very effective. In addition, this tactic is very exhausting, because much emphasis is placed on athletics.


Run and gun was popular in the 1970s with the American Basketball Association, the smaller counterpart to the NBA. Since the ABA Center a few, but played athletic wing players like Julius Erving and Rick Barry, the trainer made ​​this a virtue of necessity and built their team strategy -heavy storm. In the 1980s, the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets were known for these offensively strong but defensively weak style. In the 1990s, the Dallas Mavericks under coach Don Nelson as well as Boston Celtics played under coach Jim O'Brien the run and gun tactics.

For run and gun tactics are now the Golden State Warriors known as Nelson, who wrote with this tactic in the NBA Playoffs 2007 Basketball history by defeating the Dallas Mavericks set at position 1 of Dirk Nowitzki. Also play the Phoenix Suns run and gun.

As hard in basketball defensive work is seen as the foundation of success, very offensive -heavy run and gun is considered a bit silly. However, in the WNBA run and gun is successfully carried out by the Phoenix Mercury under coach Paul Westhead. When the Mercury 2007 masters were, he explained that by run and gun the final opponent Detroit Shock was constantly pressured and Mercury thereby eventually won.