Rush (Rush album)


Bass, Vocals: Geddy Lee 6 - and 12-string Electric Guitar: Alex Lifeson Drums: John Rutsey

Rush, released in 1974, Rush 's first album. Compared to the following albums Rush has a much more bluesy reminiscent of Led Zeppelin sound. This is particularly evident in the pieces Before And After and Here Again, stand in contrast to typical rock tracks of the 1970s such as Working Man and What You're Doing.

The drummer John Rutsey left the band after this album for health reasons. He was replaced by the talented lyricist and drummer Neil Peart, who could lead the band to new heights.

Title list


  • Geddy Lee - bass, vocals
  • Alex Lifeson - 6 - and 12 -string electric guitars, vocals
  • John Rutsey - drums